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Service Support

Professional technician

The gas sound velocity nozzle standardization apparatus

Big and  small water flux two sets of liquid discharge standardization apparatus

The significant accessorieses choose are all reach the international level

The international quality management system

Our company establishes a whole system including Befor service, Medium service and afterservice .and the system is led by the vice president, the marketing department,customer's service department,the technique section participates together.

Before service: According to the different requests of the different customers, to learn their parameter used in detail, to pick the most economic , the most practical and safe principle.

To choose the right products of our company, and embody our declaration-"work hard to serve, service can be trusted".

Medium service to introduce the abilities and characters of our products in detail and popular way. To choose the most suitable 

variety, size and model.

Afterservice: Regardless the quantity of business,building the  comprehensive information base for the customer, and practice 

telephone visit and home visit after a week Anyone who purchased our products, all can enjoy the top-grade service whenever and wherever.A year 365 days, a day 24 hours, 

we all can provide satisfaction,in time, premium , answerable service of before,medium and after service

    Our company established office in each big city incountry,there are special personnel take responsible for the  maintenance task in 

each region. In the quality assurance period,if our products have any problem,after we get the announcement,if the problem can’t be 

solved through the telephone, we’ll arrived in within 24 hours in shanghai, within 72 hours in the other parts of country, and solve the 

trouble for free




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