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ZBWL-90/99Gas turbine flowmeter

Product description

The utility model has the advantages of small pressure loss, high measuring accuracy, wide measuring range, low requirement for pipeline installation, strong anti-interference, stable performance, good reliability and good repeatability

Product features

1、applicable medium: natural gas and other gases.
2、ZWL-90/99 gas turbine flowmeter, flow sensor and intelligent flow integrator
As a whole, the display and output function of the working flow is realized. The flow rate, temperature and pressure are collected
The force sensor and the intelligent flow integrator are integrated into one to realize the temperature / pressure compensation and pressure of the flow
Contraction factor correction and display and output function of volumetric flow in standard state.
3、double row liquid crystal display accumulative flow and instantaneous flow; adopt imported full sealed isolation protection
Self lubrication micro torque bearing greatly improves the service life of the instrument.
4、using E2PROM technology, the permanent preservation of internal parameters, measuring range, range
Degree is better than 15:1;

Main technical parameters

1. The straight pipe section needs only 3D (D is the inner diameter of the pipe), and the back straight pipe section is 1D, so that the measuring accuracy of the instrument can be ensured;
2 、 turbine flowmeter adopts magnetoresistive sensor. The initial flow rate is low, the pressure loss is small, and the vibration resistance performance is remarkable. The accuracy is + 0.5%, + 1%; repeatability is better than + 0.2%;
3 、 output signal (external +24VDC):
1.OC gate pulse;
2.4-20mA current signal;
3.RS-485 communication interface
4, environmental temperature: -30 degrees to +60 degrees; medium temperature -30 to +60 degrees; environmental humidity: 5%-95%RH; work pressure: 0-1.6Mpa;
5, specifications (pipe diameter),:25, 32, 40, 50, 80, 100, 125,, 150, 200, 250, and c;
6, shell material: stainless steel (1Cr18Ni9Ti), explosion-proof signs: ExdIIBT4;
7, built-in +3V lithium battery power supply, operating current type 90, 38 A, 99 type 80uA; when the external +24VDC power supply, the internal power automatically switch;
Range of flow rate (unit: m3/h), as shown in table


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