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Vortex precession flowmeter

Product description

Collect flow, temperature, pressure detection function in one, can carry out temperature, pressure, compression factor
Automatic compensation; it can be widely used in petroleum, chemical, power, metallurgical and other industries gas measurement

Product features

1、applicable medium: natural gas, oxygen, nitrogen and other gases; no mechanical moving parts, not easy Corrosion, stable and reliable, long life, long-term operation, no special maintenance;
2、using 16 bit computer chips, high integration, small size, good performance, strong function of the whole machine;
3、intelligent flow meter, collecting flow probe, microprocessor, pressure and temperature sensor
The utility model adopts a built-in combination to make the structure more compact, and can directly measure the flow of the fluid,
Pressure and temperature, and automatic real-time tracking compensation and compression factor correction;
4、double detection technology can effectively improve the detection signal strength, and suppress vibration by pipelines
Interference caused;

Main technical parameters
1, the use of the leading intelligent seismic technology, effectively suppress the vibration and pressure fluctuations caused by interference signals;
2, the use of Chinese character dot matrix display, display many digits, intuitive reading convenience, can directly display the volume of work under the state of flow, the standard state of the volume flow, the total amount, as well as the medium pressure Force, temperature and other parameters;
3, the use of EEPROM technology, parameter settings are convenient, can be permanently preserved, and can save up to one year of historical data;
4, the converter can output frequency pulse, 4 ~ 20mA analog signal, and has a RS485 interface, can be directly connected with the microcomputer, transmission distance of up to 1.2km;
5, multi physical parameters alarm output, which can be chosen by users, one meter meter can rotate 360 degrees, installation and use is simple and convenient;
6, with the company's FM data collector, through the Internet or telephone network for remote data transmission, pressure and temperature signals for the sensor input mode, interchangeability is strong;
7, the power consumption of the whole machine is low. It can be supplied by an internal battery or an external power supply.
Flow range under work condition (unit: m3/h), see table below:

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