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LUGB-99 Vortex Flowmeter

Product description 

It  is a new flow concussive Meter based on the principle of   kamenwojie, it has the advantage of wide measurement range, low pressure loss, stable characters, high accuracy and convenient setter and use. Widely used to measure the volume and quality flux of liquid, gas and vapor medium in the blocked industry pipe.

Product features   

1、measurement mediavapor, gas, liquid

2、The induction unit is not contact with the detected medium directly, stable abilities, high reliability

3、There are no mobile unit in the transducer, simple structure and fastness, low pressure loss, small enlargement of dimension, long service life.

Technical parameters

1、extent range: 10:1~15:1

2、measurement range: the normal work range, Reynolds number20,000-7000000the export signal is not affected by the temperature, pressure, viscosity and component of the liquid. Possible measurement range, Reynolds number 8000-7000000

3、 the precision degree: liquid, ±1.0% of designation value;gas, ±1.0% of designation value;vapor, ±1.5% of designation value;gas

4、export signal: a .tension impulse low level: 0-1V; high level: more than 4V; pulse duration ratio 50%.b, electrical current 4-20mA(three-wire system)

5、 supply pressure: +12VDC+24VDC

6、 Medium temperature: normal type a-40+130b.-10+250;high temperature type: a.-10℃;+350 b.-10+380;

7、Work pressure: 0-2.5Mpa, flange cramp connection(according to the request of customer, can provide other pressure degree, need to custom-tailor)

8、 pressure lose;Δ P=1.079*10-6* ρs*v 2(Δ P:The pressure loses MPa; ρ:  the density of measured matter. kg/ m3; V:the flow rate of measured matter m/s)

9、The shell material: Carbon steel;stainless steel(1Cr18Ni9Ti)

10、size (inside diameter of the pipe): 20253240506580125150200250300(Caliber more than DN300 is jack-in type)

11、Environment temperature: -25+55; environment  moistness: ≤85%RH;explosion-protection type: This Anne's type. explosion-protection apparatus: iaIIcT6the work condition fluxs range (unit: m3/h)


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