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Intelligence electromagnetism flowmeter

Product description 

It is a kind of electromagnetic induction flux instrument, and is a new machine-electrical product which combine signal detection with micro-electron intelligent technique;

The product can be divided into showing on the spot type

 and remote showing type, It can measure the conduction

 liquid of high corrosivity,such as: acid, alkali,salt and so on;

Product features

1、It can measure the volum flux of pulp, mud,Waste water and the suspension of mixture of solide and liquid;

2、It is widely used in the field of petroleum, chemical engineering, metallurgy, foodstuff, papermaking and the environmental

 protection, municipal management, water supply building,

the river dredge etc.

          Technical parameters             

1.      Appliance medium: conductibility liquid(including liquid and gas);Nominal caliber: DN10-DN1200Pole material: Mo2Ti,Hc,Hb,Ta,Pt;Accuracy class: ±0.3%,±0.5%,±1.0%(divided by caliber)

2.      Inner material: polytetrafluoroethylene, F46, neoprene;Pole pole: settled form, spokeshav form, dismountable form;Medium conductivity:a, within 100 caliber, conductivity measurement not less than 0.1μs/cm: normal measurement not less than 5μs/cm;

3.      flow velocity range: 0.3-11m/s;Medium temperature: - 25℃~+180℃(according to the lining material)nominal stress: 0.25Mpa-16Mpa(divide by caliber)≥16Mpa is high pressure type

4.  Connection flange: according to national standardGB9115-88(DIN2051,BS4504); Output signal: 4-20mA、0-1kHz、RS485;Cable interface: PG10

5.  Protection grade: transducer: IP65、IP67、IP68, intelligence transduction display: IP65explosion-protection grade: :Exmdib IIBT4Setter form: the whole type/the minute type

6.  supply pressure:185VAC-265VAC,18VDC-36VDC

7.  environmental temperature: intelligence transduction display:-20℃~+50℃  transducer:-30℃~+80℃

8.  environment moistness: ≤90%

product standard: Q/SOJD03-99 LED-99 series intelligence electromagnetism flow meter 

Measurement rang


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